Biography & Discography

Who is Rocket Rockers?

Rocket Rockers is a pop-punk band from Bandung, Indonesia. Started in 1999. Our strongest line up are:  Aska Pratama (guitar/vocal), Bisma Aria Nugraha (bass), Khrisna a.k.a Ozom (drums).


Any influences?

First was our all time favorites; the 80s new wave acts; The Cure, Alphaville, OMD, Nena, Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper, Duran-Duran, The Police, Joy Division etc. Second were what in our CD player recently; Pulley, Lagwagon, Weezer, Pearl Jam, NOFX, Blink-182, Pennywise, Reggie & The Full Effects, etc.



Our first album Soundtrack For Your Life (2002) was putting out by Off The Records (an independent label from our hometown Bandung) which has been sold more than 20.000 copies, and our 2nd album Ras Bebas (2004)  now in major debut with Sony/BMG Indonesia and recently it was sold about 45.000 copies. In 2008, we resign from Sony Music for any reasons. And we started our own label called; Reach & Rich Records to realese our 3rd album: Better Season (2008). Yes, we sell it by our self with d.i.y ethic and the respon was great. National television always booked us to perform. Our 4th album Tons of Friends (2011) released by Seven Music in 2011. Btw, our preview song “Lost Heart Tour” was in the 1st chart of Top Downloads in for 3 days since released. Our 5th Album is called Merekam Jejak (2014) released by our own label Reach & Rich Records collaborated with MDN Music (record label from  West Java, Indonesia). Our latest album called Cheers From Rocket Rockers (2017). Cheers From Rocket Rockers is compilation album presented by Rocket Rockers. In 2018 we released 2 single “Sahabat Selamanya” & Reaksi Rasa“. All single and albums of Rocket Rockers now available on all streaming platforms.


Any achievments? 

We’ve been on skatepark tour all year with VOLCOM Indonesia, and play high school/college shows as many as possible. We’ve also opened Skin Of Tears show (punk rock from Germany), MXPX, The Ataris, All Time Low, Silverstein. Anyhow, we are sponsored by the greatest skate/surf companies ever, Volcom and also some awesome brands like College Star, Famous Stars & Straps, Afends, Peter Says Denim, Etnies and Macbeth. Surprisingly, in 2006 Susan Dynner a director of Punk’s Not Dead The Movie contact us and she told us that we will take a part of that documentary movie. Yes, we are the only one of Indonesian band in Punk’s Not Dead The Movie, with big punk bands like Green Day, NOFX, Minor Treath, Blink 182 etc. That was rad! We also have been tour in south east asia like: Malaysia, Singapore and Phillipines (Peter Says Denim Southest Asian Invasion Tour 2012) and our great achievements till now is we’ve been tour in Europe like: Germany and Netherlands (Peter Says Denim Europe Invasion Tour 2012) . In 2014 – 2017 we are exclusively sponsored by VANS as a Vans Indonesia Brand Ambassador. In 2017 – present we are exclusively sponsored by BODYPACK as a Bodypack Brand Ambassador. In September 2018 we have been tour in Japan (Making Friends Tour Japan).


Last shout!

We`re trying to write down the path for newer bands that they can reach their dreams if they work for it. It`s like providing an intellectual property so that new young creative bands with hard work attitude wont reinventing the wheel. We would like to see more kids start to wear band tshirt, start to skate and believe on their passion to live their own things. Its important to see kids which getting into more creative hype and do their best for their life and gives something back to their community.